TYPE office furniutre is addressed to the more demanding client – elegance paired with functionality, without any compromise. Very stable and durable, built from thick profile elements to ensure durability, TYPE incorporates an innovative support link system which ensures the desks are very stable. The system can be used to create many configurations, which can be later modified, even while they are in use. The desktops are mounted at a distance from the frame, which adds lightness and a modern look. The desks are equipped with numerous modern functional solutions which allow setting up cables and customizing the workstation to users’ individual preferences. The modular workstation system lets organize office space any way you want it. A large collection of add-ons and connectors significantly increases the functionality of this furniture. Properly configured TYPE furniture systems are are also perfect for managers’ offices and conference rooms.

TYPE-A – a distinct “A” shape with a rectangular profile gives the desk dynamic character and ensures stable support for the desktop. A-shaped desks can be either individual or part of a multi-station BENCH system. The modern frame design makes it easy to add on or modify workstations, even later on…